New Book ‘Disruptors’ will be published soon

2013-11-11 05:00 오후



Dear Friends, 

I feel like I am a kind of Entrepreneur. Because my new Book, Disruptors, will be released on online store tomorrow, on bookstore this Wednesday. 
It is Korean, but I have plan that publish this book in Chinese, Japanese and finally English. 
I have written this book when I studied in Stanford University from last August to this July as a visiting scholar. It was life changing experience for me to study in Stanford and stay in Bay Area. 
Special thanks for great professors like @Fred Turner of Digital Media in Society class and @Dan Edelstein of Think29 class, @Ann Grimes of COMM140 With their permission I can attend wonderful lectures. 
I have always pushed myself writing a book to share my thinking about innovation, disruptive technologies during I stayed there. 
I wrote this book not because of promoting myself, but because want to share my experience and idea with readers. 
I am a journalist. Whenever I felt, it’s a news I started to write article, wherever I found greatness of Silicon Valley I wanted to let my friends know about it. 
This book, Disruptors, is not kind of Economics or Management book, self-motivate book, but just journals and eye-witnesses. 
This book is all about how this world has changed. 
Disruptors argue this world we live is not we used to know. Disruptive technologies like Mobile, Social and Big data are driving force to change the world. 
This driving forces combined by themselves at the same time in real life. 
It is more like radical revolution rather than just change. However we can’t feel this revolutionary change because it has distributed like a fog. This book define this radical change as an ‘ambient revolution’. 
Furthermore, this book give some case studies like Google, Amazon, Netflix, Tesla, Starbucks, Nike, MOOCs, Samsung, New York times and Apple how they disrupt whole industry. This book also suggest Moonshot Thinking, Design-Thinking and Lean Thinking, so called Disruptive thinking Trilogy, as an action plan. 
One of the most important thing I found there was they see the world differently and always tried to solve the problems with Entrepreneurship. 
This is ‘Problem-Solving Thinking’ and it is Silicon Valley. This book explore Silicon Valley’s innovative culture and where they are come from.  
Futurist and novelist, William Gibson said the future is already here, it’s just unevenly distributed. I totally agree with that. 
I am quite sure you guys, my friends, will be interested in this book. I hope this book will reach your book store in your own language. 

Yours Sincerely, 
Jae Kwon Son. 
as you know, Jack. 

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